What is ManneQueen?
ManneQueen is a group of performers trained to stay motionless for large amounts of time, move in robotic manner and interact with people. They can play live mannequins, robots, dolls, cartoon characters, statues etc., be included in installations, windows and so on, participate in shows, fairs and other entertainment programs.

Why do you do that?
Mainly cuz we want. There's no real market for ManneQueen yet, and the site is going to be the start for the group.

What do you plan to publish on the site?
Photographs of us in different makeups and clothes on shows and presentations. Videos of our performances. Press releases. News. Our forum is open for comments, opinions and discussions.

Do you plan paid section? Prices?
Definitely. We are non-profit company (yet?) and everything related to performance takes money. Hope you won't be disappointed with our content - or if you will, nobody forces you to keep subscribed. We do not plan recursive charges. Prices won't exceed $10..15 a month with discounts for longer periods: isn't it fair?

Who are the 'Queens?
Our girls are not professional fashion models, however they have choreograhic education and special "living mannequin" training. And, of course, all them do have modelling experience.

How do you do that?
If to talk about training, it's not easy and takes time. We won't go detail, since one hardly achieves any good results just by self-education. Our show director is a professional dance teacher. Go and ask him a particular question :) Makeup is no less complicated thing, and it's easier to look at a picture than ask how do we do that.

Model Specs?
Hehe :) Maximum values only, ok? Dimensions: 90-60-90/175cm. Weight: 52kg. Still time: 20min. Blink interval: 30sec. Face: Beautiful! Voice: very gentle and melodic. Hair/eye/skin color: any desired. What else?..

Are you available for hire? How much?
Yes, if you can afford to invite us to your country. We are located in Moscow Russia. Our prices depend on the show schedule and are subject of negotiation.

How do I contact you?
Write to Webmaster!

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